The Toronto Fringe Festival is something special.

If you are producing a show in the Fringe, you are doing so in the company of 159 (or so) of your fellow theatre artists from Toronto, across Canada and abroad. And if you are attending the Fringe, you get to choose from an incredible selection of shows, see your returning favourites and discover new artists all in the span of a dizzying, action-packed twelve days. At it’s best, the Fringe creates a wonderful sense of community among artists and audiences. We at Lark & Whimsy Theatre Collective see Fringe as a chance to build on that sense of community -- through inclusivity, acceptance and openness -- thereby strengthening existing bonds and forging new ones.   

When we started working with Janelle Hanna on her new play, Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun for this year’s Toronto Fringe, we were delighted to discover that many of our friends from the indie theatre community were also doing the Fringe this year. Some are newer friends, some are decades old. All are passionate, talented artists, working hard to bring a story to life with (perhaps) limited resources. It takes a special kind of dedication to produce a Fringe show, and a special kind of person to take on all the inherent challenges. Knowing this, we wondered if we could all help each other out somehow. With the abundance of shows to choose from, Fringe can sometimes feel like a competition, a popularity contest. But what if we took a more collaborative approach? We’re better off working together than apart. And, what else are friends for?

Enter: #FringeFriends.

Lark & Whimsy co-founder and producer Chris Baker came up with a multi-show cross promotion by teaming up with eight (yes, EIGHT!) companies producing shows at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival. At least one person in each show in the group of #FringeFriends has a personal connection to one of us working on Bad Baby. By pooling resources, we hope that each show will find audiences that it wouldn’t have otherwise. Spread the word, spread the (friend) love.   

You’ll find our #FringeFriends flyer at each one of the eight #FringeFriends’ shows, and we’ll all be tweeting and posting on social media. We’ll be (of course) hanging out at the Fringe Tent at Scadding Court because we legit like spending time with each other. AND, we want to say to you: the more the merrier -- we thrive as artists when we seek out new connections. Being a collective means that we believe wholeheartedly in community, and that we, as artists, need to support one another. We want to get to know as many of you in the Fringe (artist and audience alike) this year as possible. So come join us!

We hope you can catch Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun playing at the Annex this Fringe, but we especially hope you can check out our amazingly talented #FringeFriends’ shows as well. And if you can’t make our show, come say hello to us at the Fringe Tent anyway.

Please join us, we'd love to meet you.


Lark & Whimsy’s #FringeFriends at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival

High Park Noir

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